Laudato Si Activities of March 2020 (March 15, 22 and 29)

Published on March 12, 2020

  • Start Date:  March 15, 2020
  • End Date:  March 29, 2020

The Laudato Si Missionary Centre continues, as in the previous year, its activities to strengthen the capacity of women in the promotion of their rights from the perspective of the right to a healthy environment.
Starting from the theme proposed by the International Community for this year "I am of the Generation Equality: Stand up for women's rights", the LAUDATO SI Missionary Centre proposes, in the light of its vocation, to organize its activities under the theme: "I am of the Generation Equality: Stand up for equal opportunities and rights in safeguarding the environment in the light of LAUDATO SI".

General Objective

The LAUDATO SI activities of March 2020 aim to raise women's awareness of their role as actors of environmental protection and ecological citizen in a perspective of equal opportunity and shared responsibility.

Specific Objectives

- To share the process of the conquest of women's rights through national, regional and international legal instruments;
- To share strategies and actions to raise awareness of the role of (Catholic) women on an equal opportunity with men on the major problems related to their promotion and the protection of the environment;
- Stimulate the participation of women on an equal decision making affecting all political, economic and social aspects, particularly those related to their environment, both in the countryside and in the cities;
- Stimulate the participation of women, through appropriate gestures, in the safeguarding of the common house according to the teachings of LAUDATO SI.

Programme themes :

The proposed activities will be based on the following themes:

1. Promotion of women's rights
- Problems relating to the promotion of women's rights: review of national, regional and international legal instruments ;
- Vision of the promotion of women's rights within the Catholic Church: the place of the Catholic women's Movement.
2. Women and environmental protection
- The place of ecological pastoral care in the egalitarian empowerment of women and men for the safeguarding of the common house ;
- Women, health and the environment: Prevention of diseases through the maintenance of a healthy environment (case of diseases in children).

3. Strategies and actions for the safeguarding of the common house by women
- Strategies and actions of the Centre for the Emergence of Good Practices for the Protection of the Environment ;
- My family, my CEVB and my parish: my commitment to a healthy environment (testimonies of Catholic women).

Profile of the participants :

Participation in the LAUDATO SI activities of March 2020 are open to all girls, women and men from the Parish of Saint John Paul II, Saint Gabriel Deanary and those coming from public and private institutions, religious insitutions and civil society organizations.


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